Oral Cal Plus™ Powder

When to use Oral Cal Plus™ Powder > The benefit of calcium during whelping is well-known. But when her newborns are nursing, mom’s calcium needs are at their highest. Ensure her body can keep up with the demand. Oral Cal Plus™ Powder given from birth through weaning supports her bone health and reduces her risk of eclampsia and other issues of calcium deficiency post-birth.

What it does > Supports mom’s increased calcium needs during lactation.

What’s in it > Goat Milk Base, Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin D3.

Available in > 300 gm | 1 kg

Directions for Use: Once daily, mix Oral Cal Plus™ Powder with dry kibble, wet food, or water. If mom is fed more than once a day, split the dose between feedings.
Cats up to 10 lb administer ½ scoop
Cats over 10 lb administer 1 scoop
Dogs under 20 lb administer 1 scoop
Dogs 20-50 lb administer 2 scoops
Dogs 51 lb or more administer 3 scoops

For intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

Cautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals. For animal use only.

Storage: Avoid excessive heat. Store at room temperature 58°F – 86°F (15°C – 30°C)

Ingredients: Goat milk, calcium carbonate, dextrose, monopotassium phosphate, calcium ascorbate (vitamin C source), magnesium citrate, vanilla flavor, vitamin E supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride, and vitamin D3 supplement.

Guaranteed Analysis per scoop (5 gm):
Moisture (max) 4 %
Calcium (min) 500 mg
Phosphorous (min) 100 mg
Magnesium (min) 5 mg
Vitamin D3 (min) 200 IU
Vitamin E (min) 20 IU
Vitamin C* (min) 10 mg
*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog or Cat Food Nutrient Profile.
Calorie Content (calculated): ME = 2667 kcal/kg; 13.3 kcal/scoop

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