About Breeder's Edge

As a breeder, the challenges you face are different than the average pet owner, from staying up all night with a first-time mom, to bottle feeding a struggling newborn around the clock. You work hard for the animals in your care. The health and well-being of your males, females and newborns are your top priority and it’s ours too!

Our mission at Breeder’s Edge is healthier moms, healthier newborns. We help you achieve this by providing you with the products and plans you need to keep your males, females and newborns at their healthiest.

Successful breeding and newborn care take hard work and dedication. Breeder’s Edge works hard for you and is dedicated to your success.

For healthier moms and healthier newborns, choose Breeder’s Edge.

We feel like the Breeder’s Edge line is the most well researched and studied line of reproductive supplements and
we use them diligently to give us the best chance at consistently producing happy and healthy litters.
David V.
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